This is why I keep writing

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my dream is to make my living as a full-time writer/author.  Thus far, I haven’t been able to afford to make that dream a reality. I have many author friends who are in the same situation. So, I get up every Monday morning and go to my office where I have the privilege of serving the senior population all week long. However, having a day job in no way stops the stories from constantly coming together and bouncing around inside my head.

I write because I can and I write because I must. Those of us with creative souls must create in order to be happy.  There’s a powerful inner drive that directs us to write stories, or to dance, or to draw or paint pictures, or invent something new, or whatever our chosen creative medium happens to be. Everyone who creates, is telling some type of a story.

I used to think that I began writing stories as a teenager.  But recently, I went through a box of old school papers my mom had saved.  I found essays and short stories I had written as early as second grade and ALL of them were covered with wonderful words of encouragement from my teachers.  No wonder I kept at it.

I keep writing today in the bits and pieces of time I can find around my job and marriage and family, because I know that somewhere my stories are resonating with people.  I know this because they tell me.  They write me touching notes and emails and they leave reviews of my books.

Perhaps somewhere right now “The Button Box” is making someone think of their family button box or some other family treasure and their beloved mother or grandmother. Maybe “Which Came First?” is making someone laugh about the resourcefulness of the little girl who wouldn’t give up even though she was afraid of the rooster, Pretty Boy, and the hens.  I hope “The Day The Turkey Came To School” is making someone think of other unexpected events in life which bring people together in the nicest of ways.  And finally, I pray that my eBook story, “Coffee Without A Cup” will help someone who is on a grief journey and missing a loved one, to heal just a little.

This weekend, I checked my Amazon author account to see if I would need to ship a book order on Monday before going to work. While checking sales of each of my books, I came across a new review of “Coffee Without A Cup.”  Here it is:

“Coffee without a cup” is one of the best healing stories of love gone to heaven. With so many of the things I have had to do going through my mom’s life as well as my grandmother’s, this was so much of what I felt, cried over, and smiled over. The healing is coming. A very touching story.

Thank you, Janet Sever Hull for putting my heart back together again with your beautiful kindness through words.

Thank you to the author, Jody Fairman, for her kind words!  This is why I keep writing. 

4 thoughts on “This is why I keep writing”

  1. Your points are so true. We must write or do whatever we do. As you know, I didn’t start writing until kinda late in life and I only intended to write one book. Now after nine with ten and eleven in the works, I cannot stop. I am not happy unless I am working on the next one. Hopefully readers will find my intended messages in each work.

  2. What a beautiful post, Janet!! I never intended to become a writer and yet I have written since I was 8. There is no way to stop!! We have the same creative disease. I truly hope that someday you get to write full time!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have a screenplay I want to write with you called “gift exchange”

    In the not so distant future a rogue faction of Chinese government officials learn that by removing a certain protein from the brain and injecting it into another they can transfer skills.

    Example: Navy seal brain protein injection into a regular mans brain and he becomes capable of being a trained killer.

    Several US CIA agents use the technology to go undercover to stop the Chinese from creating a warrior race to take over the world.

    In their journeys the cia agents must inject themselves different proteins to become guitar virtuosos or bull riders etc… to pull off their mission of deception and get into the inner Chinese leadership ring to disrupt the plan!

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