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Long after the flood waters have receded and the television news cameras have moved on to the next big story, the state of Texas will continue healing from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. According to the experts, it will take years.

During the seven and a half years that I’ve called Texas my home, I’ve grown to love my adopted state and the big-hearted people who live here. It’s been heart-wrenching to watch the news and see the devastation in Houston and in the other South Texas Coastal Communities.

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Living in North Texas where it’s completely dry and our only inconvenience is a shortage of gasoline, I feel half guilty getting into my bed at night when so many have lost and are displaced from, their homes.

On the NBC News last night, they said that the internet and social media have been a huge help in finding people who were stranded and needed to be rescued. The internet and social media are also providing a lot of ways to help the residents who have been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Many of us want to help but aren’t sure how best to do this. We all help in our own ways and all of it is a positive contribution to the whole. Whether you are donating or gathering items to be sent to the hurricane area, opening your home to people, cooking food for volunteers and shelter residents, sending money, donating airline points, volunteering in South Texas, or praying, your help is important.

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I have a friend who is driving to the Houston area to volunteer and to help rescue and care for pets that have been separated from their families. Other friends are helping to organize relief items to be sent to the shelters where people are staying. Many of us are contributing whatever amount of money we are able to send.

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And if you aren’t in a position to help right now, perhaps you will have an opportunity to do so down the road. The relief effort will be ongoing for a very long time. Whatever you can do…it all adds up, and counts, and helps.

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Author’s note: There is a website at where you can check out charitable organizations before you donate money to them. According to the website, they have a list of charitable organizations that “execute their missions in a fiscally responsible way while adhering to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities.”

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