Guilty Pleasures

I’ve had the flu for the past eight days.  It was bound to happen.  I work in a pharmacy two days a week and I never get a flu shot.  Yep, the odds caught up with me.  And, I’ve been so sick that I do plan on getting a flu shot next year.

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So, for the first three days of flu misery I was pretty much in bed with water and tissues and medicine on the nightstand beside me.  Pretty pathetic I was.  When I was awake I didn’t feel much like doing anything.  Even social media and email took more effort than I was able to muster.

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I did use the immobility of illness as an excuse to indulge in some of my guilty pleasures.  In case you are wondering about the meaning of “guilty pleasures” let me assure you they aren’t anything bad or sexual or too weird.

Guilty pleasures are things you really like to do when you are alone that might be seen as unusual or weird and are not generally held in high regard…even though lots of people might secretly do them too!

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So, when I didn’t have the energy or strength to do anything else, I stayed in my pajamas all day and listened to the music from my youth.  Yup, I did.  I started with The Carpenters because I had just finished reading Randy L. Schmidt’s great book about Karen Carpenter, Little Girl Blue.

After that walk down memory lane, I listened to Carole King, Carly Simon, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Neil Young, The Guess Who, and Journey.  No matter what the “Glee” crowd thinks, they did not discover Journey.  Journey was around in the 1970’s and I saw them in concert my first year of college!

Once I got four or five days into the flu journey and finally felt like getting out of bed, my guilty pleasure attention turned to the TV.

I binge watched a season of “Sister Wives”.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why any woman would want to share a man AND why any man would want more than one wife.  It’s a slow moving show but was kind of like reading the tabloid headlines in the checkout line or an unfortunate accident on the freeway.  I couldn’t look away.  Perhaps all the flu meds dulled my brain.

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Next, I moved onto Netflix and the new series, “The Crown”.  That one satisfied my love of history and since I had my iPad beside me, I could look up some of the actual events and find out more of the stories.  By the way, I do recommend it if you love history and are interested in some backstory on the British Royal Family.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I will also say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading my new “Old Farmer’s Almanac” and having ice cream for dinner one night when my throat was very sore.  You might be surprised by how much you can learn from an almanac while having a bowl of ice cream!

Although I’m not 100% well yet, I am now upright and happy to be back at my computer wrestling with the words on the screen.  Since I haven’t worked on my upcoming book for the past week, I have some catching up to do.

For your amusement, I Googled the top guilty pleasures of both men and women and found a list at

The Top Guilty Pleasures for Men:

*Watching reality TV shows

*Using beauty products

*Singing along to girl power anthems

*Watching romantic comedy movies

*Dancing at home alone

The Top Guilty Pleasures for Women:

*Reading romantic love novels

*Eating junk food in bed

*Reading trashy magazines

*Buying flowers for herself

*Dancing at home alone

How interesting that both men and women dance at home alone.  Perhaps we should be doing more dancing together?

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Other guilty pleasures that people owned up to online were:  having a cigarette now and then, playing video games, sleeping in, online shopping, late night meals, spending a lot of time on social networks, watching YouTube videos, napping, baking, getting manicures and pedicures, eating ice cream, and marathon watching of shows on Netflix.

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Feel free to share your own guilty pleasures.  You know you have some!

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